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Who qualifies to request a funeral service at QAS chapel?

All registered parishioners are welcome to have their funeral service at QAS chapel.

Anyone who attended the Novus Ordo, Indult, SSPX, or any other Masses offered in union with the Vatican II hierarchy or under the auspices of the Novus Ordo, or who have been or shall be cremated are thereby disqualified for funeral services at QAS.

Furthermore, the pastor of QAS reserves to himself the right to determine, at his own discretion, who shall receive funeral services at QAS. Anyone who is interested should submit the Funeral Request form, and notify the clergy of such submission. The clergy will consider the request, and notify them shortly of the possibility of the requested funeral.


General Guidelines:

To ensure the feasibility of the liturgical graveside burial, as prescribed by the Rubrics, the cemetery must be within 50 minutes in driving from QAS chapel.

QAS chapel leaves to the discretion of the family whether there shall be a wake or any other non-liturgical event. All such events are left completely under the direction and discretion of the family.

Hence, QAS assumes no responsibility over them whatsoever, and leaves to the family the duty to arrange such events directly with the funeral home or other concerned persons.

The preferred funeral home are Brewers and Sons.


Please note:

Persons who do not regularly attend the traditional Latin Mass are welcome to attend. All, however, are required to observe silence in Church at all times, and to observe the Dress Code. It is the duty of the legal guardian to send to all possible attendees a copy of the dress code several days before the service, to ensure they understand and agree to the dress code requirements. In cases of notable infraction of it or of immodesty, the priest reserves the right to refuse entry to the church.

  • No music is permitted in the church, except that of the Sacred Liturgy, in the case of a Solemn Requiem Mass.

  • According to the prevailing custom in Catholic parishes before Vatican II, no Communion shall be distributed during the funeral Mass.

  • Closed Casket

  • No flowers in church

  • Nothing may be placed on or near the casket except what is required by the Rubrics. Nothing pertaining to the deceased (such as photos, personal items, etc.) may be displayed anywhere in the chapel or vestibule.

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